What is the benefit of a car if you can’t drive it at the desirable speed? But there are laws which limit your speed and force you to stay slow which obviously you don’t want. At times, this may be uncomfortable too, and especially if you are a new driver then speed limits are a hindrance which restricts free driving and restrains your scope.

Speed limits are a threat to fun too as they prohibit you from driving at high speeds with your friends which results in a boring ride. There is only one purpose of riding with friends and that is fun, if that purpose is blocked, then driving becomes fruitless. In such a situation, radar detectors are your best friends. For escaping speed detector guns, you need best radar detector to facilitate your speedy driving.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector helps to detect if your car is being monitored by authorities using a radar gun. They help you escape the police by detecting a radar gun and notifying you on time to reduce your speed. Then if you are active enough, you will handle your speed and save hundreds of bucks which police will charge you as fine. So it becomes extremely important to have the best radar detector and be safe from the prying eyes of authorities and police. Here are the qualities you need to look for in a radar gun and choose the catchiest gadget for yourself-

  • Wide range: The best radar detector should have the longest range which should detect laser gun signals or police radar from a long distance and give you early notification so that you have ample time to reduce your speed. It should be extremely sensitive and have the ability to catch signals from kilometers far away.
  • Mute function: You need this to let others be unaware of radar detector placed in your car. While driving at low speeds in populated areas you don’t require their buzz, in such a situation it will be better to silence them and let them lie hidden on your dashboard. Since the area is populated, there are chances that you will get false alerts. To avoid futile alerts, you can double tap on the mute button and it will shut down. The best radar detector should be equipped with GPS chip to keep an eye on speed cameras installed on the roadside and red lights on the traffic signals.
  • Undetectable by Specter Light: It is a feature direly required by you. What will be the benefit of a radar detector if the police will find it easily? You will be charged extra fine for sporting a radar detector and this may lead to imprisonment also. You can go the settings menu and set the level of brightness, sensitivity and filtering and make save you detector from being caught by the police.
  • Auto false alert rejection: The detector you buy should have the inbuilt capacity to reject false alerts which may produce false panic and you will reduce your speed without any reason. It should receive signals from all directions while detecting the source too. Accuracy too is a desired feature otherwise you will reduce your speed at every second mile and it will be almost impossible for you to attain high speed. It may also lead to loss of control on your car and an accident becomes a possible result.
  • Short response time: What makes a radar detector the best radar detector is the time it takes to respond after detecting a radar gun. It won’t be good if your radar detector kills the notification after receiving an alert and keeps you in dark about a police vehicle lurking behind and monitoring your speed. So before buying a detector don’t forget to ask about its response time and be sure that your new device informs you in time and fulfills the purpose for which it’s purchased.
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth: The radar detector sitting on your dashboard may miss some alerts. For this a Bluetooth is greatly desired as it connects your radar detector to the mobile app. The app receives notifications about the detections of the other users logged in the app from that area. You detector may verify the notifications and be forewarned of the radar guns ready to monitor your speed ahead.
  • Should detect speed traps: Signal detection is undoubtedly desired but the best radar detector should be able to find speed traps hidden around the road and red light cameras. The detector should preload itself with all the data of hidden traps and give notify you accordingly.
  • Clear language: What will be the use of a radar detector if it will not communicate the alert properly? Or due to the fast or unclear speech you won’t be able to understand the nature of danger you are being warned about? Well for this, a clear speech is a must quality and helps you keep your hands on the steering while driving. It eliminates distraction and helps you drive with your concentration centered at road.
  • Clear digital display: Your radar detector should have a crystal clear display. Your time and concentration should not be diverted to reading the display of your radar detector in place of driving. The letters should be understandable in the first glance and should not require special attention.

You drive out with friends and family to have a nice time together. Unprecedented obstacles are highly undesired and disruptions in the beautiful ride are unwanted. There may be some instances when you are driving in a new place and are unaware of the speed clauses. In these times the authorities don’t pay attention to what you are saying and charge fine nevertheless. To be on the safer side, it is advised to host the best radar detector and be sure to make your ride free of all possible dangers. Use the best radar detector and have an amazing car ride!