We work hard every day and strive to pay all our bills. But, at the end of the day if we have a meal that pleases our tummy and heart there is nothing more satisfying than that. It is always an adventure to try out new food items and relish its taste.  Each culture has a variety of food that is popular in their locality. With the advancement of technology, it is easy for us to learn about other cultures and their food patterns. It is incredible how each part of the world has different kinds of food. The materials used may be the same, but the cooking methods are entirely different.

The following are some of the most popular cuisines in the world:


A large number of food lovers love Chinese food, and it is one cuisine which you can find in almost every part of the world. I am sure all of us would have had noodles, fried rice, and Manchurian.  Everywhere you go, you can find Chinese food. Some of the staple foods of China are noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables, and seasonings. You also have regional cuisines like the Hunan, Szechuan, Anhui, Jiangsu, etc.


When we hear the word Italian cuisine, we think of pizza and pasta. These two dishes are trending in the world. No one can resist the cheese when it melts in their mouth while eating a pizza. The Italian cuisine is also one of the oldest cuisines in the world and cheese, tomatoes and wine play a significant role in their diet.


Indian Cuisine is yet another traditional cuisine that is characterized by various culture and religion. The food contains spices, herbs, vegetables, etc. The staple food in India is rice, wheat, and millet. The Northern part of India uses mustard and peanut oil to prepare the food while the southern part of India uses coconut and sesame oil for cooking. India is also famous for a lot of sweets which are made from cashews, milk, peanuts, ghee, etc.


Japanese are very keen is doing the best they can. Sushi is famous all over the world, and they include a lot of seafood in their diet. Their food is influenced a lot by its culture. Japanese have something called sake which is a rice wine and tastes more like vodka, and it is served hot.


The Lebanese food consists of whole grain, vegetables, starches, fruits, fish, poultry, etc. Garlic and olive oil are used in a large quantity in Lebanese cuisine. The food is seasoned with lemon juice, and some of the famous Lebanese food is Douma and hammana.


When we hear Mexican food, we think about tacos and tortillas. Some of the local ingredients of the food are tomato, cocoa, squashes, etc. Spanish cuisine influences Mexican food; chicken and pork were introduced in Mexico by the Spanish explorers.

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