There are several types of braking systems; one of the most common and we will talk about today is the disc brake. In short, if after an accident we find a damaged car we will have the responsibility of managing the remains of it since the insurance normally does not take care of the scrap and for this deducts the compensation. The brake disc is a mechanical system used to slow down the car or stop it when it is in motion. It is located in the hub that joins the vehicle with the wheel and works by causing a friction with the brakes to slow down the wheel. There are two types: ventilated or solid, although the use of one or the other depends on the version of the vehicle the ventilated disc evacuates heat better than the solid and therefore extends its usefulness.

The friction between the disc and the brake pads causes an increase in temperature that decreases the braking efficiency directly proportional to its use. With the heat and the increase of the friction, the size of the disc and its edge are worn away little by little, so that when remaining below a certain thickness it is necessary to change them.

The cooling that must be incorporated depends on the characteristics of the car as weight, size or power. The service life of the brake discs depends on its use and other factors that increase its wear, such as the weight of the car or the condition of the roads the vehicle is travelling through. However, brake discs can last for a long time if we change the brake pads frequently enough so that their wear does not influence the disc.

When to replace the brake discs from 1956 nash metropolitan:

It is mandatory to replace a brake disc when it has significantly reduced its thickness or when it has been granted, fractured, deformed or some other irregularity. To measure the thickness of the brake disc is necessary to use a calliper or calliper, these tools will allow us to know the status of the braking system and decide whether it is necessary to replace it or not. To check the anomalies in the disk we must attend to certain irregularities in driving: if we notice that the steering wheel vibrates when braking can mean that the disk is warped due to overheating, while if we hear strange noises when braking we can find a disk scratched due to wear on the brake pad lining.

In addition to paying attention to this type of strange phenomena, it is recommended to check them from 25.00km, especially those of the front wheels as they usually suffer twice as much wear as in the rear wheels. When changing the brake disc from 1956 nash metropolitan you also have to replace the pads, on the contrary, check and change the brake pads when necessary will positively influence the time the discs last.

It is very important to keep in mind the braking system of our car in the periodic reviews and in those previous to a long journey because our safety and that of our companions depends to a large extent on them. Therefore, 1956 nash metropolitan must take into account the spare parts required by the General Vehicle Regulations. In addition, we are advised to bring another type of equipment although this is not required, it is simply advised.

  • Triangles to signal the danger: it is totally obliged to carry two portable devices (triangles) in the car, as established by the traffic regulations. It is also very important to make sure before buying the triangles that they are approved and comply with the law correctly. These triangles, as well as knowing how to put them, allow us to warn the vehicles that circulate that we are standing on the road and thus we can prevent possible accidents.
  • Reflective vests: it is also mandatory to always wear a high visibility reflective vest. In case we have to get out of the car while standing in the middle of a road, it is obligatory to do so with the reflective vest placed in order to have a greater visibility in front of the vehicles that are circulating on the road. It is advisable to take the vest somewhere in the car that is easily accessible to reach quickly if you have to get off the vehicle. Many drivers usually wear the vest in the trunk, which is a big mistake.
  • Spare wheels: it is always mandatory to carry a spare wheel in the car, this spare part is very important since it is not enough to carry a spare wheel, but it must also be in perfect condition use, with the drawing and perfect pressure, otherwise, we cannot make use of it and we could even be fined if in a check they checked the condition of the spare part and it was not in optimal conditions of use. In addition to the spare wheel, it is also mandatory to carry a spare kit.

What to do with a damaged car?

The easiest solution for this tragic outcome is to proceed with the sale of the remains of the vehicle. They may be interested from individuals to dealers but without a doubt, the simplest thing is to make the sale with a scrapping that can take charge of the collection of the vehicle, its valuation and the integral and sustainable management of the remains. This option is very comfortable for those who have suffered an accident and want to resolve the matter comfortably and quickly. In 1956 nash metropolitan we offer our customers a simple form with which to undertake the appraisal of the vehicle, personal attention by special agents and the most competitive market prices.

On the other hand, we consider important to remind our readers that a proper maintenance and supervision of the car can prevent us from falling into an accident that ends with a car accident and a painful and traumatic situation for all passengers, since it has been shown that 30% of the vehicles that are considered irreparable after an accident had deficiencies in the tires, and 12% in the braking system. Look at the 1956 nash metropolitan.