Fat removal and body shaping is one of the most thought of things in the world, especially under women. Although people are really coming out to be comfortable in their own skin, there are people who find their inner self more confident with the right shape. And that is alright as long as the person does not have any issue with it. However, if there is some bully bothering one for their body, or if there is some sort of complex one is facing by looking at surreal women with even surreal body shapes on TVs and magazines, they should stop right here. Being comfortable in one’s own skin is very important. It has to be understood that there is no “perfect”. These body shapes are only trends. Today it is a thicker back and bosom that people want to see, maybe tomorrow the trend completely changes and it is the arm muscles that make their way into viral mainstream media. It has to be understood that these things change and changing one’s mindset with these trends is only going to do more harm that good, leading to eating disorders, depression and could be an open invitation to various other diseases.

However, fat is something people must get rid of naturally. Fat cells, in excess, can be damaging to one’s health. Some major issues with heavy weight are obesity, diabetes and various heart problems. High levels of fat and cholesterol are highly unwanted and can result in inviting various diseases. Thus, it has always been advised by the best of doctors that everybody exercises once a day. Exercise, gym work outs, yoga, all of them can be extremely beneficial if done regularly and with care. They not only make the body healthier, they make the body more toned, better sculpted and bring a beautiful glow in the face.

Finding it difficult to reduce fat even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle and indulging in proper physical exercises.

Some people may find it very difficult to reduce the fat in the right places even after doing proper exercises and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There can be various reasons why, as shown below:

  1. Too much Cardio: Doing too much cardio makes your body want to endure all the tediousness and therefore, the body starts storing all the energy as fat cells thereby not letting one reduce weight.
  2. Not eating the right food: Having the wrong diet can upend the effects of physical exercises. It is best advisable to consult a nutritionist.
  3. Slow metabolism: Some people generally do not have a good metabolism. This leads to accumulation of fat cells. It could be a disorder. Not too serious, but if there is this issue, it become extra hectic to reduce weight.

But there are various different medical procedures today that can still let one sculpt their bodies or get rid of the excess fat cells. Getting under the knife is Liposuction and without getting under the knife is Lipo Light.

What is liposuction?

Most common of the terms when one talks about getting fat cuts. Liposuction is one of the most talked about treatments and is a trusted one. Often done near abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, chin, calves and the back, this procedure involves the use of an instrument called Cannula. A Cannula is inserted deep down the skin and with the use of extremely high vacuum, the fat cells are pulled out and removed. This procedure is carried out under the effect of anesthesia.

This treatment proves itself best with people who have good toned and elastic skin. This is because, upon removal of fat cells, the skin can mold itself right back if it has good elastic properties. Liposuction surgery has subtle results and nothing dramatic, but it starts showing immediately after the treatment. The treatment is usually only done to people above 18 years of age.

What is Lipo Light?

Lipo Light is a less invasive method of removing fat. The term is almost similar to Liposuction. Lipo means fat. However, the procedure is much different. Lipo Light does not involve use of any instrument to intrude into the body. In fact, Lipo light uses light to remove fat cells, from outside the body. However, there are some additional things that are required to be done, after the treatment to actually drain out the fat.

Why choose Lipo Light over Lipo suction?

Lipo Light is chosen over lipo suction for one primary reason. Lipo suction requires the patient to get under the knife, which means that the body is torn open and then the fat is drained out. This causes scars and also has a lot of chances that it might cause infection if the instruments do not suit the patient’s body or even if they are not sterilized. Lipo Light on the other hand does not require any surgery that would cut into the patient’s body, rather it is only done by emitting light on the surface of the body, where the fat is to be removed.

What is the procedure of Lipo Light?

Usually, when this treatment is done, it is followed by some smaller treatments. However, the essential procedure is this:

Lipo Light is done by running a mild laser over the body. This laser spectrum energy is absorbed by the fat cells and that release the fat upon excitation into the body. Thus, the fat cells shrink.

Hence, to drain off the fat released into the body, the patient is required to do some physical exercise. This way the fat is drained off by the regular metabolic processes.

Are there any side effects of Lipo Light?

There have been a few cases of minimal side effects but these are only very rare.

  1. Skin burns
  2. Intestine injuries
  3. Numbness
  4. Hematoma
  5. Sagginess of the skin

However, these are not very serious and could have only happened due to rare clinical errors or just bad luck.

In conclusion,

Lipo Light works! Provided the patient does the physical activity after. Lipo Light treatment is usually done over a course of 4 weeks. And an important note to make is that it is not advisable to go for Lipo Light treatment during pregnancy.