In a game society, there are rules and instructions that guide the way you advance in the game. It is very paramount to always progress when playing games or else the player will never really realize the advantageous part of the game. As advancement continues, there are rewards and gifts that are released as a token for a job well done. Each increment in levels only comes after a completion of some set of tasks, kills, destructions and other instructions but it all differs in different games. It is important that we adhere to rules so as to understand the concept of the game. There are several types of games which range from crime, adventure, music, imaginations and a whole lot of them. In this article, the focus is on an adventure game which seems to be more of an imagination-related game. The game in question here is Fortnite. Fortnite is a game developed by a giant game company called Epic games.

Fortnite was developed for about 6 years as it started work in it In 2011 and finally completed the launch in 2017. The game has an intriguing story which involves having a survival skill set or else you can’t last in the game for a long time talkers of advancing to higher levels in the game. It has different modes and each mode explains how the game operates. After the first mode was introduced, it made all the name but some people didn’t had access to the game because of the requirements and then there was a need to develop another one that will be appreciated by the majority of game players. Both modes save the world and Battle Royale. Battle Royale came to gain more ground among the masses than the save the world mode. The company has won awards, groomed financial growth, produced thinking capability among players and a whole lot of other benefits. Each of the modes has what it takes to be interesting as possible but because battle Royale is played mostly on mobile platforms, it gives an opportunity for many people to engage in it comfortably. Both modes may have its differences but it has some common basic Fortnite game features like the graphics, vegetation, environment and few others. Apart from the modes, it is important that there is an understanding of how to advance in getting new levels acquired.

Fortnite Ranks For Levels

Fortnite records a lot of fun in reviews and reports by players and reviewers but this cannot become reality if there are no advancements and some kind of a reward for dedicated game players. Fortnite has different levels and they rank up to 100 as some reviewers will report but it is important to understand that the game is divided into different section which tells how long you will play before the game is rounded up. Fortnite is divided into three distinct section rankings and they are as follows:

  • The first thing you must know as a player is the nature of fortnite levels. New levels are gained by the rate of the experience XP points acquired from different tasks. The tasks include rate of kills, number of the fortification built, store of weapons, staying alive, completing missions and specific instructions were given out. Epic game mentioned that the levels are up to 100 and it will take approximately 75- 150 hours to complete the levels up to the 100th. Levels are very important because it is an encouragement to whoever is engaged with the game whether playing or viewing.
  • A tier is like a benefit or a reward in Fortnite. It is equivalent to 10 battle stars and battle stars are gotten from winning and killing the opposing party. Each tier takes a short time and you can increase in the tier to a 100th position. Just like the aspect of levels, a tier can take up to 75-150 hours to complete as epicgame has laid out but this is on the average. It is possible to extend or reduce the time frame of a player increment of levels.
  • This is mostly not regarded as the reward but it comes into play after completing a set of kills and wins. It is used in the tracking systems in Fortnite.
  • Giving regards to the modes of this game; save the world and Battle Royale. It is popularly known that battle Royale is mostly preferred but very few people know the reasons why it is that way. It is important that we understand why so many people can carefully select the mode they decide to be associated with. It is so popular that people today unconsciously download the battle Royale without any knowledge about the save the world mode. Some reasons why it is always preferred is listed below:
  • The RPG look of the loot systems. In Fortnite: Battle Royale, the colors used are very legendary and they are very common colors among other popular video games. Potential game lovers will notice and that it is similar to some games like Diablo, Borderlands and some others.
  • The game seems faster than PUBG when it comes to pace. In PUBG, it takes quite a long time to get to the circle because it has a slow pace but Battle Royale is the complete opposite. There are no vehicles or obstructions to stop your move and since the invent of acceleration of lobby, it has made battle Royale faster in pace than many other games.
  • A destructible environment. Every player tries to find cover but it could be destroyed or brought down. This is particularly an advantage when an enemy stays behind a tree or walk to shoot at you when you shoot the tree and his cover is blown then the enemy can be taken down.
  • An exciting and user-friendly construction system. This is the most exciting thing about Battle Royale. The materials used in this construction include stairs, floor, walls, and ceilings. These materials are used for the fortification build as well as other functions.

In conclusion, fortnite must be taken seriously as a game of substance, skill and survival triggering. It is important that it is understood by all persons.