Putlocker is an online platform that is used to host and store different files and websites, the files are usually media and entertainment files and Putlocker then provides an avenue for them to be streamed online as well as downloaded. It all depends on the choice of a user. Different movies, series, and other entertainment files are hosted here and could be viewed always as long as there is direct access to the site. It is available in English and its revenue is basically withdrawn from advertisements of all these media files. It has existed for many years and has switched address for their domain several times. At the moment, their official URL was suspended and the site is not officially known but many other proxy sites use the name to keep being identified by search engines and users.

The history of this site is quite brief. Putlocker was put up about six years ago which is 2012. It had a major competitor which was Megaupload which received so much visitors per day. As at then, it majorly had about 800,000 daily users while Megaupload received much more as well. But later on, Megaupload closed down because of some strong issues of infringement and this gave a chance for Putlocker to come into limelight. Putlocker now received double of its previous number of users per day which is about 1.6 million. Around March 2012, Alfred Perry who was the then vice president of contact protection worldwide in a big company called Paramount pictures mentioned it as the top services offered by cyberlocker. It was previously mentioned that the domain name changed different times at different locations.

This site as an entity has made many achievements in the continent and the world at large. Before it was closed down in 2016, putlocker.is was rated among top 250 websites in the whole world and also among 150 top websites in the United States. This rating was done and concluded by Alexa data. Like mentioned above, there were several sites that carried the name Putlocker and one of them was Putlocker today which came up just after pulocker.is was shut down. Later that year, putlocker9 was introduced. On and on, many other domain names were hosted and introduced as mirror sites as major sites.

Genres Offered By PutLocker9

It offers movies in several qualities, especially high definition. The genres are diverse and they include:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery

The genre that has the highest number of movies is the thriller genre since a lot of users love this. It has movies from different years even down to the 1930s. Its archives are fully loaded with enough series and entertainment films for visitors and users. The sites give a platform to check movies by rating and know the best for the moment to view or download.

The site continued to progress till March 2017 where the American ambassador to Vietnam had an imprint at meeting with the minister of information in Vietnam and the ambassador fought that Putlocker should be persecuted. It was then prosecuted for copyright infringement. Year by year, different lawsuits were filed against Putlocker and finally, in June 2018, Trevon Maurice accepted the fact that he committed the crime of copyright infringement. He pleaded guilty to the crime and added that he broke that law in 2016. It was then that he uploaded the popular Deadpool and a few days after it was released officially, he uploaded on Facebook. This caused the film to be viewed free in many parts of the world. The judge handling the case has already settled a date for the sentencing which is September 27. Many rumors have it that the possible penalty will be a year in prison coupled with a large fine of about $100,000. In all these, It was tagged as an illegal platform to view movies all around the world which was a big issue for the reputation. But the truth is the site is very legal, although the content might be illegally posted. As a streamer or visitor, it is very legal since you’re just streaming to enjoy the comfort of the film. The only disadvantage is the issue of popups which might expose your sight to viruses and online scam issues. As long as you’re streaming alone, then it is as safe as even YouTube.

This site in previous years has developed an app so viewing the movies will be easier as well. It’s a platform where Android users could download the app and watch movies unlimitedly in the comfort of their locations. The app is used to stream videos from MX player. Without MX player, it is practically impossible to use this app. The link for this app is www.appcrawlr.com/Android/Putlocker9/.

There are other movies viewing sites all around the world like Netflix. Unlike Netflix that pays a subscription to stream their movies since they receive the license from the major movie studio, Putlocker streams without legitimate authority but still have a lot of visitors pumping in to view the movies. Most times, locations can be a determining factor of the legal status of viewing movies on Putlocker. In Canada, there is a law that covers such activity but in Europe, it is regarded as illegal even though many people still engage in it. Well for countries where it is illegal to stream on movie streaming sites, you can always cut corners and stream peacefully without the guilt of an illegal act. You need to protect your system with an antivirus and a VPN which is a virtual private network. The antivirus basically protects the device from the malware and viruses that may be affiliated with the site while the VPN will keep the system data activities encrypted. It takes an extraordinary stress to view the work you’re doing. VPN protects a user from any online challenge or trouble that may be involved with streaming illegally. VPN is pretty easy to set up and may take less than few minutes.