The art of looking into the mirror of the future to predict what will befall people is gaining increasing popularity all over the world. Today, it is an established vocation where people make their dollars legitimately. There are many mediums around us and the rate of success varies from one astrologer to the other. If you intend going into the vocation and want to remain relevant at the top; then you must be prepared to pay the simple price that will make the clients reckon with your services wherever you are. You can effectively become that long sought-after psychic in your area if you imbibe and apply the following tips:

You Must Maintain a Positive Attitude at All Times

Things are incredibly pure and quiet in the spirit world. If you want to make a headway in the notch; then you are required to maintain a positive attitude towards life at all times. If you allow negativity to take hold of you; then you will disconnect from the spirit world. Not only that, you will go down from the level that you have attained. It will be a total loss on your side because when you let go and come back to your very self; you have to work yourself up the ladder again.

At all times, be at peace with yourself. At every point in time, be at peace with everybody. If you must engage in an argument, it should be a constructive one.

When you are able to maintain this state, then you will be able to connect effectively with the spirit world during moments of your meditations. It is when you come in without any burden on you that you will get the result that will benefit your clients and improve your ratings in the eyes of your client thereby boosting your fortunes.

Find Objects with a History You Don’t Know

You need a high dose of patience to succeed in this terrain. The problem why most promising psychic fail to make a headway in the notch is because they are too much in a haste. You will not get desired results that will hit the bull’s eye if you fail to exercise the patience during your meditation. Never force a vision but pay the prize of patience so that you will get valid results. If you come across objects with an unknown history to you, then try as much as possible to feel the object and patiently wait in a meditative mood until you are able to connect with the past of the object from the present.

You are bond to have a clueless feeling occasionally, do not allow this to get to you by putting too much pressure on yourself. It will happen along the line. All the objects that you will lay your hands on do not necessarily have an interesting story behind them. Please avoid putting pressure on yourself when that happens.

Expand Your Imagination

The world of the spirit is a wide expanse that you cannot explore all in your lifetime. Gather all the mediums on earth together, their combined acts cannot explore all that God Almighty has deposited in the spirit world. If you truly want to become relevant; you desire to be that psychic that clients will wait for a long queue during each session; then you have to increase the scope of your remote viewing. The art of remote viewing is the ability to visit places in the mental world without being there in the physical. Imagine yourself there in your dream during meditation. Not all what you see there physically. When it is time to visit there; then compare notes and use it to rate your ability. You can practice by imagining the place you intend to visit the next day; while physically there; you can now rate your degree of accuracy and work towards perfecting such.

Strengthen Your Telepathy

This is an important area that you have to work on if you want to succeed as a psychic. The art of studying the thought processes of people will take you a high level of discipline before you can become a master in it. It requires a high dose of discipline and concentration on your part if you want to make any headway. Only very few astrologers breaks through the mask because what you are going to achieve here is tied to your ability to maintain a clinical inner peace within yourself; an undiluted inner peace with everybody and your surroundings. When you are able to operate at that level; it will become easy to increase in your telepathy.

The mastery of this part of the profession takes years to attain. It therefore, takes an uncommon discipline; an uncommon perseverance; if you dream to get to that high level of perfection as a medium. If you are able to attain the height; then you can be sure that you will become the psychic that will take the shine off the rest.


Go over all that you have so far learned above. They form the critical parts that will make you have the headway of your dreams as a medium. The practice they say makes perfect. Only the action takers will get through to the top. If you really want to make a headway as an astrologer, then you have to put into practice what you have learned on these pages. Remember, Rome was not built in a single day. Say no to procrastination. Reading this and committing them to memory will not help your cause. You have to put them into practice.

Take them one after the other and try seeing what you can do to master the aspects. There is no crown without passing trouble the burden of the cross. Practice; practice; practice until you become a master. When you have effectively mastered the art; your confidence level will be boosted. When you attain to that level; you will find yourself on an upward swing to the top.