The coloring journey is not that simple especially when you are not used to coloring. Coloring in childhood is another thing and coloring in adulthood is another step as well. If it is your first time to color in adulthood, unless you are very creative, it is recommendable that you keep blocking your coloring art. That means you should start by doing simple coloring that is normally between the lines. If you are out of practice and you really want to get right on the right track with your coloring, it is recommended that you do some straight forward coloring. From there, you can easily start your coloring art journey very well. There are so many tips and techniques that can really help you be perfect when you start your coloring journey. Some of the tips are as mentioned below:

Always practice

As we all know, practice make perfect. Even if you are that creative and you are talented, if you do not practice often, you will find out that your coloring art will not be that perfect. Let coloring be at your figure tips. Just like any other art, the more you practice, the more you get good at it. Practice will not only make you better but also make you learn more about the art coloring as days go by.

Start from the outside

The perfect way to get what you want or the best way to get the perfect color art is always to start coloring from the outside. After you are done with the outer part of the art, you can now start coloring the inside of the art. When you start with the outside, you will automatically stay in the lines better than starting from the inside.

Do not press

When coloring, do not try to press the gel pen. Instead, you should build up the color. Remember that you want to achieve the best and that you are not in a race to complete the coloring. To achieve perfect coloring, always make sure that you do not press the pen or else, you might break the pen.

Maintain sharpness

Always make sure that you are using a sharp gel pen. The best gel pens for adult coloring books are usually sharp. The sharpness is very important in coloring especially if you want to achieve the best in the detailed areas. If you are using a pencil, you should also make sure that the pencil is always sharp. If at all you prefer ink, such as using gel ink pens, you should try testing the pen first on a different piece of paper. This is to make sure that your pen is not bleeding. Also, testing is very essential in making sure that the color is the right one for that particular coloring.

Ignore the rules

If you are coloring for adult, it is better if you do not follow the coloring rules. The rules might end up positioning you in a tight place. The point of coloring when you are already an adult is to feel satisfied, to have fun and feel free. You cannot always relax when you follow the rules. Therefore, always make sure that you follow the required rules fully. You cannot mess if the coloring is fun for you and if it happens that you mess, you can always start again.

Be creative with color

The fun of coloring for adults by using the best gel pens for adult coloring books is to play with so many colors. Limiting color is up to you but playing with a bunch of colors can lead to a very attractive and colorful art. We all know how colorful things pop up. No one can really pass a colorful art without checking it out. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough colors to play with when you are coloring.

Try to blend

Blending color can be the best tool to have when you are using gel pens especially those ones that smear very easily. We all know that some gel pens are wetter and some are dry. If you use a gel pen and it smears easily on the page, you should not see that as a disadvantage. Instead, you can use the second color and blend the two. You will realize that this technique can be very useful in achieving another desired color that is different from the one that you have.

You can mix mediums

We all know that gel pens can come in metallic, neon, glitter and even pastel. There is also a white gel pen that is commonly used to highlight. It is very wise if you mix the medium for the desired look. Mixing can be a great step especially in creating a pattern that is unusual.


There is one thing that you should always remember in adult coloring. The thing is, coloring should always be fun. You should not restrict yourself or have limits. Make sure that you play with the colors that are available, relax to provide the best amazing and desired pattern. The fun part in coloring is what makes me get creative in a drawing. All you need to know is to follow some guidelines or a few tips that can be so helpful especially when it comes to perfect coloring. For the rules, just have fun and forget all about the rules and see how creative you can be.