Like a weary traveler lost in the desert, it can be very frustrating searching for a way out. So it is going to the market to buy a good faucet. In the desert, every direction looks like the way to the North, when without a compass to get the direction. In the market, without a proper direction about what to look out for, especially without the benefit of an informed opinion, one can easily get lost among the myriad of faucets in the market. Sometimes so much choice can go against the buyer. That will add to lots of confusion. So one has to be alert and make a good choice.

Since the beginning of time, from the Stone Age and through every civilization, the color, taste, and use of water have not changed. While water remains unchanged, every other thing around water has changed. From the way, we build our homes, the furniture, household equipment, name it. Everything keeps changing from time to time. There are lots of options on the market and you can select the best based on the choice you have. If you want best kitchen faucets, you should know which one to buy and for that, you need to research well and know about what the market is offering to you. Each brand has many products and each one have a different specification so selecting one is not that easy and can be confusing at times. You should know what each product is offering and once that is done, it will be easy to make a choice. There are many good online reviews which one can read and that should make the choice very easy.

From the time it was invented, kitchen faucets we know it today has undergone many transformations that very few will remember how it looked like a few decades ago. For the sake of some homeowners who love anything classic, classic home, classic furniture, classic cars, we have gone out and selected a few classic kitchen faucets for your enjoyment. Well, not a classic in functions, because that will make it obsolete, but classic in style. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to locate the way and give you direction, concerning the best kitchen faucets in the market with the top feature.

Come with me, as I present to you the faucets that will change the look of your kitchen.


The choice of this elegantly designed faucet as the clear winner was not an easy one. Encased in solid stainless steel, it is delivered in 4 different finishes.


Touch2O Technology : This technology gives it the ability to differentiate between a grab and a touch. No need transferring the mess on your hand to this beau. Just tap anywhere, the spout or the handle and get the water flowing and stop the flow. This keeps your faucet ever clean. This is a very good feature and that faucet which you buy should have this. Always keep it on top of the checklist before buying the product. If you do that it will be easier to make a right choice.

LED Light : Comes equipped with a LED light signal which turns blue when in touch mode position and turns red when running low on battery, so you know when to replace the battery. However, you may choose to purchase an A/C adapter if you want to do away with batteries. The indicator is a very important thing and you will come to know if there is a charge required and this indicator can be a good guide..

Auto-Off : Since the water flow may be activated accidentally, it’s also equipped to shut off automatically after about four minutes, help you to save on water. This is a great feature and could save you some serious trouble if kept open by mistake.

Integrated TempSense(R) : Equipped with a LED light that turns blue to indicate cold, magenta to indicate warm and red to indicate hot as the temperature changes.

ShieldSpray : Equipped with spray wand to adjust the water modes between spray and stream. Cleans off the mess with less than 10% splatter.

Top faucets one should consider while buying


Coming closely behind the Delta 9178T is this Moen. This faucet is a clear winner when it comes down to MotionSense. It makes functioning in your kitchen as easy as it comes.


  • MotionSense : With a single movement of the hand, this classy beau will detect what you want to do and do it for you. Turn on and off water flow, no need spreading the mess in your hands just to wash them off.
  • Pull down hose : Delivers the longest reach with its incredible 68 inches’ hose. Convenient for a small sink that cannot accommodate a large pot. Simply pull, fill your pot and it retracts when you are done.
  • Aerated Stream : For your everyday wash. And when it comes to the heavily soiled dishes, simply turn to the powerful rinse with is PowerClean Technology.

Here we have listed above the best kitchen faucets and with the entire basic features one should look at and this will help you select something that is best fitting as per your needs. Always hire a professional service that can get this fitted. As these are expensive and while fitting any breakages could be a big loss for you.