Clear! A beautiful denture beautifies our face, so do not hide it. But not only that, healthy teeth also make us feel good and allow us to talk and eat better. It is proven! Therefore, you do not have to neglect your oral cleaning. A daily and correct brushing, a good diet and several visits to the dentist … are the keys to make your mouth look super bright! By fulfilling these steps, you will achieve it. That easy!

Kuncio Orthodontics has comprehensive dentistry services available, fully customized treatments, techniques and cutting-edge methods provided by specialists in all branches of dentistry. The patient’s attention is directed, essentially, to be able to offer him speed, efficiency and aesthetics, protecting his health with strict standards of hygiene and sterilization, fundamental pillars of the actions of our Clinic at Kuncio Orthodontics.

Kuncio Orthodontics bring our clients a customized treatment, we have a specialist for each special situation and we offer them a financing plan to make these services viable as smile gives you security: it has been scientifically proven that people who have a smile that they like feel much more confident with themselves than those who are ashamed of their teeth.

Dentistry and health

Because health is our most important vital asset … that’s why we offer a dentistry service for both children and adults.

Dental aesthetics

Our specialists are experts in dental implants, and we offer innovative solutions to recover your pieces.

Your smile and orthodontics

We offer a complete and accessible orthodontic service with a fractional payment plan proportional to the progress.

The adult orthodontics is more meticulous and more gradual compared to orthodontics in children, because they cannot all operation desired by risk adverse effects, such as loss of tooth roots, so it is important to visit a specialist of verified experience, which will be responsible for diagnosing which is the most appropriate treatment taking into account the situation and age. It is important that the patient is aware when performing orthodontics because they must have a device in their mouth for no less than eighteen months. It may not be an easy decision and there are people who find it difficult to adapt to the use of braces.

The patient should understand that orthodontics will not change his lifestyle since he will be able to carry out the same activities that he always does, of course, he will have to take better care of dental hygiene and avoid eating some foods. At the first visit, Kuncio Orthodontics will make an initial diagnosis of the state of the teeth and mouth; he will perform a clinical examination, a radiographic and cephalometric study and take photographs of the patient’s teeth and face panoramic radiographs, and make plaster moulds of the patient’s mouth and teeth. Having all this information you will get a skeletal, dental and facial diagnosis to make a list of the problems and propose a possible treatment.

Orthodontic treatment at Kuncio Orthodontics in adults takes longer than in children, the duration could vary between two years and three years, and this will depend on the degree of the problem. Because the bones of adults do not develop like those of children, in some cases it is also necessary to resort to orthodontics with surgery, especially when there is an absence of teeth. Orthodontics in adults has as its ultimate goal to put prosthesis, for this it is mandatory to first correct the alignment of the teeth, to later put the implant.

Through placement of teeth with brackets

Placement of teeth with brackets combined with orthognathic surgery if there were asymmetries or dislocation of bones that cannot be corrected with appliances, as there is no growth in these patients. For these patients, aesthetic braces are a recommendable solution, since it improves the appearance of the patient while the treatment lasts. In most of these treatments, other specialists are involved (periodontist, implantologist, prosthetist, endodontist), in order to achieve the success of the treatment in its entirety your appearance; your confidence. Your relationships the technique of transparent aligners allows them to make a completely normal life while correcting their teeth very effectively.

The 2 techniques recommended in our clinic are the Invisalign technique and the Lingual Orthodontics.

There are different types of transparent or invisible orthodontics…

The invisible splint technique Invisalign and lingual orthodontics allow correcting bite problems and dental alignment without altering their habits, their day to day and preserving their natural aesthetics. The results of Kuncio Orthodontics are very good and transform your smile without interfering with your daily life.

What is invisible orthodontics? Invisalign

An orthodontic system that does not use brackets

How does it work?

From a detailed scan and a complex computerized study, made with a 3D software that reproduces the patient’s mouth, transparent sheaths are constructed that gradually move the teeth to the desired position. Invisalign performs a virtual sequence of the entire treatment plan based on the prescription of the orthodontist. Being transparent is almost invisible. Very few people realize that you are carrying an orthodontic appliance. In fact, it is the system that many celebrities use to improve their smile. It does not usually affect speech, although there is a period of adaptation after placement.

The inconvenience of wearing Invisalign is similar to a traditional orthodontic appliance since it is making movements in our teeth, having a sensation of pressure in certain areas of the mouth. Usually, it is usually in the first two days of each change of new aligner. The appointments are established by our orthodontists according to each case, although they are usually established every 2-3 weeks. They are short since there is no need to make adjustments in the wires and brackets.

Like all orthodontic treatments, the cost and duration of treatment at Kuncio Orthodontics will depend on each specific case. It varies a lot depending on the complexity, so it is essential that you go to our clinic to be able to give you a budget.